Peer Review Process

In the review process, there are two reviewers to review each manuscript for related topics. The decision of the first reviewer will be a top priority then the editor will decide to pass or reject the manuscript based on the review of the two reviewers. The time to review the manuscript is three weeks.

Prospective reviewers will be chosen based on their reputation and quality of the study. For the next step, the editor sends an invitation letter to each prospective reviewer. After prospective reviewers are notified of the availability of the review process, editors can create an account for each reviewer and then submit the manuscript to the OJS system.

All review processes are carried out by blind review and managed by editors at OJS.

Article Review Process Sequence:
The editor accepts the manuscript from the author.
The editor evaluates the manuscript (what is evaluated is the purpose of the study and the scope of the journal, the style of curvature, additional data. (Manuscripts will be rejected if they do not meet the criteria)
Selection from the editor for a similarity check on the online database, (Rejected if major plagiarism is found, the author will be contacted and asked for clarification if minor errors or plagiarism are found)
The editor sends the manuscript to the reviewer along with the reviewer form (double-blind review, both the reviewer and the writer remain anonymous to each other)
Reviewers send their review forms back to the Editor (with revised manuscripts if needed)
Editor's decision (more or less can be rejected, requires a large revision, needs a small revision, or is accepted)
Confirmation to the author.
If revised, the authors revise the manuscript and must be returned to the editor without delay. Returned for more than three months or more will be considered as a new shipment.