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Vol 1 No 1 (2021): International Seminar of Gender Equity Maternal and Child Health
Published: 2021-07-08


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Health is a human right and an element of welfare that is realized following the ideals of the Indonesian people. Public health degree is still not optimal influenced by environmental conditions, community behavior, health services, and genetics. Efforts to improve public health, especially family health, require women empowerment as part of community empowerment. Women empowerment to have an awareness of themselves as whole human beings and their position in their culture. Women need to be involved in planning, implementing program activities, and evaluating and analyzing development impacts. Women empowerment through active participation will generate benefits for the welfare of women and their families.

Improving the quality of women is the basis for creating sustainable development for a nation. Therefore, it is necessary to empower women to have an awareness of themselves as whole human beings and their position in their culture. This empowerment is carried out by promoting health education, one of which is through seminars. In essence, health development is directed towards attaining awareness, willingness, and ability to live a healthy life for everyone, concerning physically, mentally, as well as socio-culture and economy. In order to achieve an optimal degree of health, various efforts are made to provide comprehensive, targeted, and sustainable health services. Maternal and child health problems are optimized by empowering women in the family. One form of cross-sectoral cooperation from the education and health sectors is to become a facilitator who is expected to increase women's knowledge as family educators, especially in efforts to improve maternally, child, and family health. Especially in the era pandemic of the Covid-19, women play a chief role. Women's role is also one of the keys to success in reducing the spread of covid-19. Data have shown that increasing covid-19 cases in Indonesia is due to transmission in the family cluster and has a significant impact mainly for vulnerable groups such as women, children, toddlers, people with disabilities, and the elderly

This Activity aims to enhance discourses and develop innovative thinking around maternal health: Global Perspective, discussing specifically the concept of women's empowerment, women's equality in various activities (Political and economic activities to support gender-based services), and the role of midwives in empowering women or related to Inspiring Woman.